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Ventura CNC specialise in the manufacture of components for bespoke fabrications, short production runs and rapid prototyping utilising a number of different machines and processes including;

  • 3 axis routing, milling, engraving and profile cutting up to 8ft x 4ft for woods, plastics and soft metals

  • 3 axis milling up to 4x4ft for plastics and metals

  • 3 axis precision milling for printed circuit boards

  • Outsourced services for 3D printing and plasma cuttin

Our quick and efficient manufacturing services are utilised by various industries to make all manner of items, including;​

  • Sets and props for theatre

  • Exhibition stands and signage for trade shows

  • Screens, room dividers and decor for weddings and events

  • Wall decor and bespoke furniture for restaurants and bars

  • Reception desks, counters and displays for retail

  • Bespoke furniture for boats, camper van conversions and caravan modernisation

  • Construction components for climbing walls

  • Prototyping components for height safety equipment

If you have a project you'd like to discuss with us, please contact us!